About us

We are part of the South County Emergency Volunteer Corps

The South County Emergency Volunteer Corps is dedicated to building community and regional resilience, developing programs to ensure readiness and creating a culture of emergency preparedness. EVCNB focuses its work in the Nehalem Bay region, with outreach and support to all of Tillamook County.


Building Community and Regional Resilience

Our coastal communities are likely to be isolated in an emergency, limiting first responder aid and access to government resources. It is critical that our community members be trained and prepared to respond in a self-sufficient manner.

We are actively preparing the infrastructure of our community by prepositioning supplies, preparing shelters and creating systems that will support our community during the recovery period.


Developing Programs to Ensure Readiness

The EVC began as a Map Your Neighborhood (MYN) effort and has grown into a many-pronged organization that includes MYN, a Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), the Medical Reserve Corps, Ham radio operators, American Red Cross volunteers, and much more.

The EVC has organized a team of leaders with specific skills in preparedness to foster communication, cross-functional and coordinated training exercises and drills, education and public outreach.


Creating a Culture of Emergency Preparedness

We seek to provide the necessary tools, information and practices so that citizens in our region as well as the many visitors to our communities will be able to take care of themselves and others during an emergency.

Our goal is to engage our community in the work of preparedness, recruiting volunteers to support our work and encouraging individuals, families, neighborhoods, businesses and the community to create emergency plans. We will all rest easier knowing we are all prepared — individually and as a community — to turn a disaster into a manageable event.