The Mission of the South County Emergency Volunteer Corps Communications Team is to provide the  Community with communications during an emergency.  The geographic area supported encompasses the boundaries of the Nestucca Rural Fire District.  There are 2 classes of users supported;  1) Licensed Hams 2) Community members utilizing the GMRS band of frequencies. Because of the size of the S. County district, County Ham Repeaters located on Mount Hebo are used to link together our community of users.

The Goals of the scEVC Communications Team are to
  • Collect Emergency Information
  • Deliver situational reports
  • Request resources
  • Provide Health and Welfare Checks
Communications Design

Because of the size of the district, the scEVC Communications Teams has adopted a hub and spoke communications design.   Communication zones are being setup within the District, targeted for our GMRS community of users. Our GMRS distributed community radios are the communication spokes within a zone.  Hams radio operators will act as the hub, anchoring each zone.

Ham operators will be used for communications across zones, to the EOC, and out of area.  For a complete communications build out of the S. County District, multiple Ham operators and GMRS Community users will need to be established for each zone

South County HAM Communications Meeting

The STCEVC Communications Sub-Committee meets regularly on the 1’st Wednesday of each month at 1:00 pm to discuss improvements to our community communications efforts.  If you would like to join the discussions, you can submit a contact form at this link Communications Team.

Local repeaters utilized for Emergency HAM communications in South County:

  • Mount Hebo, VHF 147.220, PL tone 100Hz, standard offset +0.6 MHz
  • Mount Hebo, UHF 441.300, PL tone 118.8 Hz, standard offset +5 MHz

Simplex frequency used is 147.500