GMRS (Global Mobile Radio Service) Old Version

Recognizing that communication during any emergency is of the upmost importance, the South County Emergency Volunteer Corps has launched an effort aimed at improving the number of GMRS and HAM operators that can assist with communications during an emergency as well as improving the  skills of all its members.  Work is currently in process setting up zones of communications.


Why have a community radio
  • Call for help when other communications methods fail

  • Stay in touch with your neighbors during an emergency

  • The ability to alert out of the area family members as to your health and welfare

  • To provide situation reports and request resources

The recommended South County GMRS radio recommendation is included below.


22 Modifiable GMRS Two-Way Channels (Channels 1-22) – Receive and Transmit 8 Modifiable GMRS Repeater Channels (Channels 23-30) – Receive and Transmit 98 Programmable Scanner Channels (Channels 00, 31-127) – Receive Only FM Radio Flashlight NOAA Weather Radio Compatible Tri-Color Adjustable Backlight

Once purchased,  programming to South County standards  and training are available.  As any GMRS radio can connect into our community network, let our team know if you have a different radio so we can test and validate your communications.

FCC Licensing

The Federal Communications Commission requires a license is to use radios on the GMRS frequencies.  A GMRS license is good for ten years, and is valid for the licensee’s immediate family.  Costs have been ~$70, but prices can fluctuate due to the tax owned.

Here’s how to get your GMRS license. (No exam is required)

 1. Go to the FCC Universal Licensing System (ULS)  FEMA Universal Licensing System

You must first register for an FCC Registration Number (FRN) if you don’t already have one. If you do have an FRN there is no need to obtain a new one! To obtain an FRN Registration number, Click on the New User Registration under the Filing Section.

2. Complete FRN Registration

If you are Registering for an FRN number, make sure you choose individual, and confirm your address. Fill out the form entirely, and then make sure all the information is correct.

 3. Apply for and Purchase a GMRS License

While on the FCC Universal Licensing System Page, select File Online to apply for a new GMRS license.  If not logged into your FCC account, you will  need to login using your FRN account number on the next page.  Once logged in, on the top of the left menu select Apply for a New License.  Then, in the dropdown list, scroll down to the bottom of the list and select ZA-General Mobile Radio Service and then press the Continue button.

 4. Complete Your Application and Pay

Complete your application by filling out some additional information. Continue to the certification section, and certify your information is true and correct

5. Save Your License

Every individual is different in regards to how fast the FCC gets the application processed after payment. Check your license manager page to see if it’s available, if you missed the option to save and download it when the payment cleared

6. Check Your License

Now and in the future, you can view, modify, apply for a new license and download your existing ones

Once you have your radio

The South County GMRS Emergency Radio Net is held every 2’nd Wednesday of the month at around 6:00 pm, depending upon your location.  If you would like to participate, you can contact our Communications Team to check about joining the Net from your neighborhood.

Download our GMRS Training Presentation Here.

View GMRS Training Materials